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CARLTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 3, 2022–

The Ground has expanded its ecosystem with the addition of Source Farms, a new farming collaboration between Tabula Rasa Farms and Kookoolan Farms. Source Farms will support farmers, animals and the planet through its commitment to producing, growing and raising the healthiest foods possible.

“We have long been inspired by the work of Chrissie and Koorosh at Kookoolan Farms, especially their dedication to sustainable farming practices. Through the Source Farms partnership, we are guided by our shared goal of being producers and providers of the tastiest, most nutritious foods available while providing the best lives for animals, supported by practices that are good for the planet. said The Ground co-founder Frank Foti. “Joining our resources means we have the opportunity to collaborate more with two people we hold in very high regard, and we are also able to invest in infrastructure that enables our continued mutual growth.”

In January 2022, Foti and Brenda Smola-Foti announced The Ground, an evolving collection of virtual and physical destinations. Fostering the interconnectedness of nature, people and community, The Ground takes a holistic approach to hospitality with a philosophy of belonging that comes to life through five verticals: accommodation; programs and events; The well-being; agroecology; and food and drink. Its agroecological philosophy is rooted in the understanding that humans are part of nature and was first introduced in 2015 with the founding of Tabula Rasa Farms, a regenerative agriculture farm based in Carlton-Ore. in permaculture.

Neighboring Tabula Rasa to the northwest, Kookoolan Farms is a diverse farm located in Yamhill, Oregon. Founded in 2005, Kookoolan Farms connects customers to 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb; premium wild seafood from sustainable sources; pasture-raised organic chicken; eggs and honey. Over the past few years, Kookoolan Farms has experienced incredible growth and its unique partnership with Tabula Rasa Farms represents the opportunity to grow to meet customer demand while remaining true to its values ​​of regenerative agriculture.

“We are humbled by the positive response we have received from our customers, who remain committed to supporting organizations that are committed to creating incredible opportunities that impact global climate change on a larger scale,” said Chrissie. Zaerpoor, co-founder of Kookoolan Farms. . “Brenda and Frank’s commitment to planetary regeneration aligns with our priorities. As we explore the future of Kookoolan Farms and our continued growth, coupled with the expansion of our operations beyond our current facilities, we are excited to partner with The Ground to expand Source Farms.

Kookoolan Farms and Tabula Rasa Farms customers now have access to two local shopping experiences: Kookoolan Farms Farm Store and the Farm Stand at Tabula Rasa. With the introduction of Source Farms, plans for additional locations, online ordering, credit card purchase options, drop shipping and local delivery are underway.

As Source Farms acquired the Kookoolan Farms brand, the Zaerpoors are the operational leaders of the recently announced collaboration, and the organization will rely on them to lay the foundation for growth. Through this unique partnership, Source Farms will be well positioned to help more small farms develop new ways to connect their customers to good food and the farmers who grow it.

In addition to Tabula Rasa Farms and Source Farms, The Ground has grown to include 440 acres of land in the outskirts of Carlton and locations in downtown McMinnville and Carlton. Announcing additional entities on the horizon, The Ground strives to nurture potential on an individual and collective scale, regenerating nature through permaculture, humans through food and livelihoods, and community through education and enrichment.

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The Ground is an evolving collection of virtual and physical destinations across Yamhill County, Oregon. Its philosophy is rooted in the understanding that humans are part of nature, which was first introduced with the founding of Tabula Rasa Farms in 2015, a regenerative agricultural farm. raising heritage animals that serves as a thought leader in permaculture. The land has expanded to include 440 acres of land surrounding the farm. With the introduction of Source Farms, a new agricultural collaboration with Kookoolan Farms, The Ground exists to realize human potential in harmony with the planet by fostering the interconnectedness of nature, people and community. With a holistic approach to hospitality with a philosophy of belonging, The Ground intends to expand its programming and offerings. For more information on The Ground, visit:

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