Stay with the Wandering Doctor – The Life of a Hotel Doctor

A guest had a flight in a few hours, the Marina Marriott’s front desk manager explained. His wife was sick and needed a doctor’s note to reschedule. How soon could I get there?

“Very quickly,” I said.

The Marriott had been calling regularly for decades before going silent a few years before. Hotels do that sometimes, and that call gave me hope.

My competitors have an active social life. It was the weekend, and hotels often turn to me when the attending physician is hard to reach. After taking care of the guest, I returned to the lobby and found the manager who shook my hand.

“Thank you very much for coming” he said. “We have your card.”

I left in a good mood. These urgent requests come several times a year, and my quick response has won me new clients.

But not often. Few hotels place a high priority on providing medical services. The Marina Marriott has returned to silence.

Still, I have good memories. Twenty years ago, Loews in Santa Monica called when his regular doctor hadn’t appeared after several hours. I hurried, but when I knocked on the guest’s door, it was the attending physician who answered. The embarrassed director promised to catch up with me and kept his word.

Mike Oppenheim

Accommodation industryUnited States

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