Storm rips through Lancaster Event Center grounds days before Big Top Rodeo begins | Local

Thanks to these efforts, Dickerson and Higginbotham are confident the rodeo will always go as planned, with athletes and their horses registering Thursday and events starting July 18.

“We are delighted to come to Lincoln since we signed the contract,” said Higginbotham.

About 40% of the stands on the pitch have been affected, Dickerson said, leaving the focus of the event well below their commitment of 2,050 stands. Higginbotham said crews will collect as many stalls as possible, but more are available to ship from Guthrie, Oklahoma – a former NHSFR host city – by Monday evening.

There was also significant damage to a few trailers and some electrical equipment, Dickerson said. While insurance is helpful, Dickerson said the storm would likely cost more than $ 50,000 to install.

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But the rodeo is more of a “balanced labor of love,” she said, and it’s about giving the athletes a fun and educational experience.

The event is also making money for the Lincoln community, with estimates that local hotels, restaurants and other services will generate $ 16 million in revenue next week from rodeo activities alone.

Dickerson said it gave him hope on Saturday to see outpouring of support from across the state. University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare, Lancaster County Commissioner Deb Schorr and Lancaster County Ag President. Company Kendra Ronnau came to help with the cleanup and spoke to the assembled volunteers during a break.

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