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“THE GRASS is always greener on the other side” is a well-known saying. Teenagers today are very much exposed to the Western lifestyle.

They see foreign films, they read stories on social media, and they hear stories from people who have studied or traveled abroad. They tell you how green the grass is over there. Listen to them, but don’t be swayed by their stories.

You have studied in Malaysia for the past 12 years. Now that you have to make a choice, you are wondering whether you should study locally or abroad. Few people have the option of choosing.

One way to find out is to tell your parents. Do they have the money to send you overseas? Will they be able to send all your brothers and sisters abroad? Do your parents have other reasons for sending you abroad? Do you intend to return to work in Malaysia? There are a lot of things you should know about your parents.


Don’t pressure them to sell their business, their house, or take all of their savings to send you overseas.

It’s their hard-earned money, not yours. After giving you all the money, will they live like beggars in Malaysia? Will it make you happy?

If your family can’t afford to send you overseas, forget the whole idea. Don’t compare yourself with your peers. If they want to go, let them go.

If they can afford it, be happy for them. Don’t compare yourself to your peers. If you cannot afford to go abroad, accept the truth. Study locally.

What about scholarships

to study abroad?

If the opportunity arises, everyone wants a scholarship to study abroad. However, it is not that easy to get a scholarship to study abroad.

In view of the current situation, many multinational companies are cutting their budgets. Those who give scholarships choose to donate for local studies.

So what about studying abroad? In this Covid-19 epidemic, don’t rely too much on getting a scholarship.

What about student loans?

With acceptable guarantors, it is possible to obtain a loan from the bank. Banks may not give the full amount you need. They can provide 70 percent of what you need.

However, you have to repay the loan. You don’t know how the situation will be in five years. If the economy continues to weaken and jobs start to decline, how are you going to pay off the loan?

Before you even start your life, you are already in debt. If you don’t repay your loan, you may be “blacklisted”.

You may not be able to travel abroad or get another loan in the future. Think carefully before taking out a loan. Not only will you get in trouble, but you will also get your guarantors in trouble. PTPTN loans granted by the government are to be studied locally.


What options do I have?

At a time like this, think carefully. Study locally for now. Malaysia has no shortage of universities or colleges. According to the MQA, there are: –

Public (government institutions)

Universities – 66

Polytechnics – 36

Colleges – 250

Private (private establishments)

Universities – 83

University Colleges – 43

Schools – 397

Find out about these universities / colleges / institutions and find out what they offer. They offer a wide range of titles and degrees. They also offer foreign programs off campus in Malaysia. Some offer external study programs. Explore all of these routes before you make up your mind.

When is the best time


to study abroad?

Watching the condition locally and abroad, be safe and healthy. Stay close to your family and loved ones. Study locally for now. You can even work and study at the same time. Save money for your future. Complete your first degree locally.

If you are really keen to study in a foreign country, do your second degree in a foreign country. You can even do your doctorate abroad.

With a little personal savings and “crowdfunding” you can experience the joy of studying in a foreign country. Many foreign universities offer full / partial tuition fee waivers. Take advantage of these offers when the time comes.

Career advice

You are not discouraged from studying abroad. The majority of students cannot afford to study abroad. They have to face reality. They need to know the opportunities they have in their hands.

However, those who can afford it can go as they please. Good luck.

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