Switch rolls out second phase of 100Gb network expansion

The Switch, a leading global provider of live video production and transmission services, announces major network expansion across the United States to meet customer demand for bandwidth, driving the transition industry to remote production and paving the way for the delivery of high-resolution video formats such as JPEG XS. In the second phase of an ongoing network expansion project, The Switch is rolling out 100Gb connectivity to serve customers from New York to Los Angeles to Miami – with links to eight more nodes in major hubs. media in the United States.

The Switch added to its current network across the United States with the installation of higher-capacity 100Gb connections through media and sports centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami and Jacksonville – representing phase two of an ongoing strategic upgrade program. The move follows the expansion of the Phase One network which saw the company roll out similar hubs in New York, Boston, Hartford and Stamford. The switch will continue to expand its network, adding higher capacity nodes in other media centers.

“The latest network expansion represents a fundamental step in The Switch’s ongoing efforts to enable our customers to meet their evolving needs while supporting the growth of our business,” said Eric Cooney, President and CEO of The Switch. “The project demonstrates our commitment to enabling leagues, broadcasters and other rights holders to provide their customers with better live event viewing experiences. As a provider of state-of-the-art generation and transmission services, we offer our customers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency to ensure they can build business models that work for them.

The network expansion enables The Switch to propel the future development of the media and entertainment industry, enhancing its ability to drive the growing remote production of live sporting and other events. The move will also help sports organizations and media companies adopt JPEG XS compression to transport low-latency SMPTE 2110 streams, helping those upgrading their infrastructure to produce higher-resolution video.

Robert Szabo-Rowe, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Management at The Switch, notes: “This network upgrade allows The Switch to meet the demands of content owners who want the ultimate quality of video with the absolute lowest latency. It’s critical for customers to create workflows that connect SMPTE 2110 compatible installations, enabling more seamless multi-site productions and content delivery across cloud infrastructure. This frees them to be more creative in their approach to live streaming and streaming. Where lower latency is essential – such as in live sports betting – this level of connectivity is a huge plus.

The latest phase of The Switch’s network expansion comes as the company experiences strong growth in network traffic, as well as growing demand for its production services, making higher-capacity delivery more critical than ever. . Over the past two years, the media industry has seen an explosion in remote production, which has proven successful due to the pandemic limiting travel to locations and authorized crews on site.

The Switch will be available to discuss expanding its network and showcase its work on some of the world’s most talked about live events at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 23-27. On its booth (#W4600), The Switch will explain how, through a full range of production and live streaming services, it enables sports and esports leagues, news organizations, corporations, producers of entertainment events, broadcasters and other rights holders to package and deliver high-quality live coverage from any location.

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