The ‘classic’ first-class suite of the Emirates Boeing 777

Aircraft type

Boeing 777-300ER

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Traditional first class suite

  • Handheld tablet controls your entertainment, lighting, privacy and more
The bad
  • This is Emirates’ oldest First Class Suite, so it isn’t as feature rich as its cooler First Class cabins.
X factor
  • Doors that close, a two-meter bed and a starry sky allow you to fall asleep above the clouds


Emirates continues to fly to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, with the “classic” Boeing 777 currently appearing on each of these departures.

These come with private first class suites – here’s what to expect if you find yourself on board.


The traditional first-class suites on the Emirates Boeing 777 are similar to those found on its Airbus A380s.

While the Boeing 777 lacks the “shower spas” of the superjumbo, the first-class experience is still among the best.


With the exception of a few with Emirates’ latest first-class suites, the bulk of the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER jets sport eight traditional first-class seats, in a 1-2-1 layout.

Arranged in A-EF-K, the A and K suites near the windows stand on their own, while the E / F duos in the center can accommodate pairs traveling together or solo flyers with a raised divider, as pictured.

When you settle in, there’s storage space for your bags at your feet – no overhead lockers here, to enhance the feeling of space – and there’s a hook that’s perfect for a small purse.

It also swings outward and can be used to support your large tabletop table and provide additional sturdiness, although this is not normally necessary.

You will find additional storage space under a hatch at your side. Beside that are some of the seat controls, as well as a tablet (or “mode controller” as Emirates calls it).

You can use it to adjust aspects of the suite, such as the reading light and the table lamp.

This table lamp is permanently mounted and certainly provides a better ambience than a classic ceiling lamp – although it is not strictly necessary during the day.

A separate ambient light can also be activated via the mode controller, or can be easily turned on and off with the push of a button.

Moving around the seat, there is an international style AC power outlet in the front.

If your transformer does not fit the plug – either because of the type of pin or because of the limited spacing around the socket itself – there are adapters available to address both issues – just ask. to the team.

In addition, there is a double USB-A socket on the side.

It’s part of the console housing your tray when not in use – but above that it finds a personal minibar.

Just press the button marked “tap,” and your options slowly increase. It is not refrigerated, however, many travelers stick to the water.

For something stronger, the crew can help – and the shelf in front of you is a great place to balance a drink: or indeed, two bottles when there’s something to celebrate – go 1,000,000 miles , in that case.

This shelf also houses a personal snack basket: stored in time for boarding, disappearing just before take-off, then returning after lifting the wheels, and restocked throughout the flight.

A personal mirror is subtly hidden in this shelf – just press the semi-circle to unlock it. The lights turn on automatically.

In addition to your amenity kit, its base also houses a collection of additional goodies that can prove useful throughout the flight.

You can also keep an Emirates-branded notepad and pen, which you’ll find in a drawer below.

Speaking of things tidy, there’s a little storage nook under your hallway armrest, which proves the perfect size for small but valuable items like jewelry, as well as cufflinks.

At the end of the same armrest are shortcut keys to the most common controls: just press and hold the corresponding icon.

While there is a button to turn your seat into a bed, if that’s the plan, just let the crew know when you’re going to change into the pajamas provided, and they’ll take care of it for you.

The bed is 201 cm long with a mattress, duvet and pillow.

Once you’re inside, grab the mode controller (tablet), head to the ‘privacy’ tab and you’ll find settings to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

For example, activate the privacy light and “DO NOT DISTURB” lights up next to your seat number.

In these circumstances, you will only be awakened upon landing or if necessary for safety reasons – and you can help avoid the latter by keeping your seat belt fastened to the duvet, so that it remains visible to the crew. .

For even more privacy than the first class cabin usually offers, you can close the power doors to your suite.

Since there is a space between the top of the doors and the ceiling itself, you should not feel “locked in”.

Instead, you’re free to walk away with the stars above your head, which are programmed to twinkle when the main cabin lights are off.

The image above is a real photograph of this (artificial) starry sky, taken on board an Emirates Boeing 777.


Most Emirates Boeing 777s offer every first class passenger a 24 inch screen.

A smaller number of the airline’s newer Boeing 777s instead offer a larger, more vivid 32-inch HD display.

Regardless of the time at your boarding gate, you will have access to a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, live satellite TV, external aircraft cameras and of course , of the “mobile card”.

The system can be controlled by touch, but since the main screen is not within easy reach of your seat, you can instead navigate using the mode controller.

It’s battery powered and connects wirelessly to the seat, so you’re free to remove it from its cradle and use it like a regular tablet


There is no denying that the traditional Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suites are not the newest in the sky.

Granted, Emirates’ cooler fully enclosed suites are the pick of choice, followed by first class on the A380s, which add in-flight “spa showers” ​​to the mix.

But that assumes you have a choice between all three on each route, which is rarely the case.

When it comes to flights to Australia and New Zealand, this traditional suite is currently the only Emirates First Class seat you’ll find in the sky, as each of these flights is operated by standard Boeing 777s while the travel restrictions are in effect.

In this regard – and even at other times – the traditional Emirates Boeing 777 first-class suites remain a very comfortable way to fly, and we can only hope that more passengers can relive this experience soon.

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Chris Chamberlin visited Dubai as a guest of Emirates.

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