The Frustrating Hyatt Suite Upgrade Reward Process

I’m a huge World of Hyatt fan and overall a very happy World of Hyatt member. One of my favorite benefits of Globalist status is the ability to earn suite upgrade rewards, which are offered through the Milestone Rewards program. However, there is one aspect of the sequel upgrade rewards that I find frustrating, and I’m curious if I’m the only one having this problem.

Globalist Suite upgrade rewards cannot be applied online

In order to apply a suite upgrade award, you must contact Hyatt Reservations. Ok, as someone who’s not a great phone person, I don’t like that, but it’s not a big deal. Hyatt’s suite upgrade awards are extremely valuable, as each can be used to confirm a suite upgrade at the time of booking for a stay of up to seven nights.

I’ll gladly pick up the phone for it – it’s a very small price to pay for such an amazing benefit. Marriott Bonvoy suite night awards can be easily redeemed online, but no later than five days prior to arrival, and each is valid for one night only. Meanwhile, Hilton Honors doesn’t offer any kind of confirmed suite upgrade benefits (although I’m sure a certain person will be in the comments section soon to invent something about how Hilton offers suite upgrades unlimited confirmed suites for you and your giraffe with each stay – stay tuned!). 😉

Anyway, I digress. None of this would bother me, except…

I got huge value with Hyatt suite upgrade rewards

Hyatt must contact properties to apply upgrades

Yesterday I tried to apply a suite upgrade award at a foreign Hyatt property (you can guess which one). I confirmed my reservation and saw that there was one standard suite left during my stay. So I contacted Hyatt reservations to apply a suite upgrade reward.

When you call Hyatt Reservations to apply a suite upgrade award, the representative must actually contact the property directly in order to block the correct room. This can sometimes be a serious problem, especially in foreign properties with large time zone differences, where the night checker may not be good at picking up the phone.

In yesterday’s case, the friendly rep informed me that no one was picking up from the property, so she recommended that I call back later. She pointed out that it was middle of the night at the property, so maybe I should call back late at night for my time when the morning shift arrives at the hotel.

I decided to call back a few hours later. The friendly rep again tried to contact someone at the property, but no one answered. She offered to email the hotel in hopes they see it that way.

Although I appreciated the effort, there was still a standard suite and I was basing my stay largely on whether I could confirm a suite (otherwise I would have changed my dates), so I agreed, but I also decided to call back later. I called back three hours later, and finally they were able to get in touch with someone at the property.

The fact is that this was not an isolated incident. This has happened to me several times before where the booking agents were unable to get in touch with anyone on the property. It seems to me that there should be a more efficient system for the good of all?

  • Seems like a waste of time for guests (who potentially have to call back multiple times), for Hyatt agents (who waste their time contacting the property), and for the property itself (which has yet another task to accomplish)
  • If Hyatt can centrally see that the room is available, why isn’t there a system in place for Hyatt to block a certain type of suite without having to contact the property?

If this was the first time this had happened, I wouldn’t have considered it a big deal. But it’s happened many times now, and it just seems odd that a global hotel group would depend on someone picking up locally, especially with time zone differences.

It’s not the biggest deal on earth, but I think World of Hyatt should be a priority to fix this and make the process less painful.

The process of applying suite upgrade rewards is sometimes not easy

At the end of the line

One of my favorite benefits of Globalist status is the Hyatt Suite Upgrade Rewards. They are extremely valuable, as they can be used to confirm a standard suite at the time of booking, without a capacity check.

Unfortunately, the process of applying these upgrades sometimes leaves a little to be desired. Not only do you have to call Hyatt Reservations, they must then contact the property. Some hotels are better at picking up the phone than others, and this is now an issue I’ve had several times.

Has anyone else encountered this issue while trying to apply a Hyatt suite upgrade reward?

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