The Rancho Bernardo hotel converted into affordable housing

Affirmed Housing is renovating a former Radisson hotel in Rancho Bernardo into an affordable housing complex. (Photo courtesy of Affirmed Housing)

A Saber Springs developer is converting a former Rancho Bernardo hotel into affordable housing for older tenants.

Accommodation confirmed renovates the former Radisson Hotel, 11520 West Bernardo Court, into housing for low-income tenants.

The hotel closed in October 2021.


Affirmed Housing purchased the property in February from KASHL Corp. for $27.5 million and renamed it Tizon.
Including acquisition costs, the project is expected to cost $50.8 million, said Shonda Herold, project manager for Affirmed Housing.

Construction began in early April and is expected to be completed in nine to 10 months, Herold said.

A comparable development would take up to 18 months to build, Herold said.

“Tizon demonstrates how off-the-shelf acquisition strategies can be leveraged to bring cost-effective, much-needed housing to market quickly, putting a roof over the people who need it most,” said Jimmy Silverwood. , executive vice president of Affirmed Housing.

Permanent residences

The final product will include four apartment buildings around a central courtyard with a community building.

The hotel’s rooms will be transformed into 178 apartments, 175 of which will be studio apartments of around 400 square feet each for seniors and three for on-site managers.

The seniors’ apartments will be for those whose annual income is between 40% and 60% of the region’s median income. For a one-person household, this equates to a range of $38,040 to $50,940.

Monthly rents will range from $1,061 to $1,526, although 44 of the apartments come with rental assistance vouchers for those who cannot afford to pay that much, Herold said.

Social services will be provided by EngAge, a Burbank-based nonprofit that specializes in services for people 55 and older.

Renovations will include adding kitchenettes to what were previously hotel rooms and redesigning bathrooms to be American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

Kitchenettes will include fully electric appliances, including refrigerators and microwaves.

Common areas will be renovated “to make sure we have a more family-friendly environment, not a hotel,” Herold said. “These are permanent homes for people.”

More projects to come

Renovations to the common area include transforming what had been a restaurant for the hotel into a community hall.

“Having affordable housing and a place to engage with their peers and the wider community is really what makes this project special,” Herold said.

A swimming pool and spa will be retained for the use of residents.

Aside from the change in panels, the exterior of the building will be largely intact.

“We are adding a community garden planting area for residents along the northern property line,” Herold said. “Residents, especially older residents, appreciate that.”

Tizon is the second hotel conversion completed by Affirmed Housing. He previously converted a former Motel 6 into affordable apartments, Herold said.

Although conversions are less expensive, “there is some risk in renovations.

You don’t know what’s behind the walls until you get there,” Herold said. “One of the benefits of buying an established property is that the landscaping is mature and generally in good condition.”

Core projects Affirmed Housing is building in San Diego County include a 113-unit Emerald Hills project slated to open this summer, a 78-unit Bankers Hill project slated to open in the fall and a 113-apartment project that the company is building in partnership with the Metropolitan Transit System of Grantville.

Accommodation confirmed
CEO: Jim Silverwood
Executive Vice President: Jimmy Silverwood
Headquarters: Saber Springs
Employees: 25
Phone: 858-679-2828
Note: Affirmed Housing has funded over $2 billion in affordable housing projects and has over 5,000 apartments developed or under development in 64 communities.

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