The sequel to the heroine Sreeleela has become a hot topic

The sequel to famous Telugu diva Sreeleela, who has about three or four movies to her credit and receives more than a crore in compensation but has yet to make her first blockbuster, is one of the things being talked about the more these days in Film Nagar. Suddenly, intriguing news appears.

Sreeleela and her mother are rumored to be staying in a well-known 7-star hotel suite in Hyderabad for the next 30 days, of which she will spend about 21 days watching Vaishnav Tej’s film being filmed. The room, which is around 22K with all taxes included, adds up to almost 6+ lakes for the entire stay. This expense can increase by an additional 3 to 4 dollars if she also has to go to another appointment. What then is the problem?

One wonders if the new regulations apply to this heroine given that this film was produced by Trivikram’s wife, Sai Soujanya, in collaboration with sithara Entertainments and they are both active members of the “Active Producers Guild “. In reality, the new Guild rules stipulate that a heroine will receive the full package and that she is solely responsible for paying all of her travel and accommodation costs. However, some in the know argue that there is no point in raising the heroine’s accommodation fee when Vaishnav Tej receives 3-4 crore compensation though he only has his debut movie Uppena as a good success.

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