Thief targets Shelter Island hotel bridal suites

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Police are looking for a thief preying on happy couples on their wedding night.

“It was definitely an evening to celebrate our love,” Carlos said.

A photo shows Carlos and his happy wife two Saturdays ago, cutting their wedding cake after getting married in a joyful ceremony at a Shelter Island location.

Around midnight, a group of family and friends crossed the street to celebrate in the bridal suite of the couple’s bungalow at the Humphreys Half Moon Inn.

“A few hours later, as they started to go and look for the things they had left behind, that’s when we realized things weren’t there,” said Carlos.

Missing from the bedroom: his wife’s purse, his sister-in-law’s bag containing her laptop and a cousin’s bag containing several heirlooms.

“Honestly, just a little disappointed. Why would you want to come and get our things? Carlos said.

Carlos says they found a screen, pulled out of a kitchen window. With women in dresses in and out of the suite all day, Carlos thinks the intruder knew exactly what the suite was for.

“Certainly no conscience and no remorse, for someone’s happy day,” Carlos said.

Carlos says he and his wife were not alone.

“The wedding party next to us also had their things stolen,” Carlos said.

A spokesperson for the port police said that in total three of the hotel’s honeymoon suites were broken into on the same night.

For Carlos, the persistence of marriage had faded.

“The next two days it was supposed to be to relax and enjoy. We always have, but also interviews with the police and interviews with hotel staff. Definitely on the wire, ”said Carlos.

Carlos now hopes the burglar will be stopped before another happy couple are targeted.

“It’s not the first time they’ve done this, and it won’t be the last time,” said Carlos.

Police said a handbag was also stolen from one of the other wives. The next day, the newlyweds’ house was broken into.

ABC 10News has contacted the hotel for comment and is awaiting a response.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call the Port Police at 619-686-6272 or email advice to [email protected]

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