This is the new resort they want to build in Dubai, and it floats on the water

This new resort is as avant-garde as it is pricey, but it is sure to be one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions.

Although we have seen many proposals for future buildings that could rule the cities of the future, now luxury hotel company Kempinski wants to open a very special hotel complex in Dubai, and it looks like the project has already been approved with what would become a new tourist attraction in the region.

This hotel complex will be a building floating on water that will be surrounded by 12 other luxury villas and that it is even able to navigate to other areas.

The main building to which the various villas are attached is connected in the middle by a glass pyramid and offers all the features of a five star hotel ranging from exclusive restaurants to spas, infinity pools and other attractions, added by interesting engineering. .

Then we have these 12 connected luxury villas which will be available for rent by hotel guests for more privacy. These 12 two, three or four bedroom villas also feature a host of high-quality and stylish amenities in two-story villas, as well as a rooftop terrace.

So, on the one hand, we have the corresponding five-star hotel, and on the other hand, various connected villas with a multitude of amenities and in addition with smart home features with panoramic windows.

These villas will be equipped with solar panels and designed with respect for the environment.

The resort would have 156 rooms, as well as these 12 anchored villas which will certainly be the most expensive of the complex.

At the guests’ disposal there will be different boats that will allow them to reach the central area of ​​the hotel in a few seconds, and yet the complex has a deck where they can park up to 16 yachts, next to it. ‘a helipad float.

Thus, this new Kempinski floating palace will give a special touch to Dubai, especially for people with infinite economy who can rent this type of floating villas in a luxury hotel.

It seems that at least until 2023 it will not be built, and there may still be some changes from what has happened now, but it will surely be one of the better hotels.

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