TideSmart Named a Top Agency by Head of Marketing and Head of Event Marketing

The marketing manager named TideSmart on his CM200 list as one of the top marketing agencies in the United States, while Event Marketer included TideSmart on his recent IT list as one of the top 100 agencies.

“COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges, and I’m proud of TideSmart’s resourcefulness and resilience,” said TideSmart President and CEO. Steve woods. “While it is always gratifying to be recognized as a top-rated agency, our mission remains to provide clients with safe, efficient and engaging activations. “

TideSmart has been a leading independent agency since 2003, offering a wide range of capabilities with the inherent cost savings that come naturally for an independent agency. TideSmart has invested in sustainability, including its own eco-friendly 8-acre campus, medical-grade facilities, clinical capabilities and innovative technologies, to achieve its mission statement: to make every moment matter. .

TideSmart operates in three divisions:

  • Experimental: From branding to campaign delivery, TideSmart’s experiential division has created compelling and engaging experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands.
  • Health: TideSmart’s healthcare division designs and delivers transformative healthcare experiences using mobile healthcare vehicles, proprietary technologies, expert personnel, and more. A CLIA-accredited, COLA-accredited and HIPAA-compliant laboratory operator, TideSmart offers health exams, biometric tests, vaccinations, medical grade storage, and more. Recent activations include partnering with the state’s DHHS and CDC departments and large employers to provide COVID-19 testing, education and vaccinations.
  • Knowledge: TideSmart’s information division delivers accurate and relevant insight into customer and employee experiences using a range of services to provide a near real-time actionable view of businesses to deliver insights to buyers, customers, patients, employees and other critical audiences.

TIDESMART GLOBAL®: Since 2003, TideSmart Global has provided experiential solutions to some of the world’s largest and best companies by combining the art of live experiences with the science of new and traditional media. TideSmart operates from a unique 8-acre eco-friendly campus in Falmouth, Maine. www.tidesmart.com

SOURCE TideSmart

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