‘Unholy stench’: Burnaby tenant smears feces in basement suite


“Joel in Burnaby” ​​is a local landlord who just wanted his tenant to be a little quieter so the other tenants in the house he owns could live in peace.

In return for that simple request, he pooped himself – literally.

Joel responded after reading my recent blog post about a ‘monster’ tenant who spray-painted graffiti all over a Burnaby basement suite before skipping the rent.

“I wish in my case it was ONLY graffiti,” said Joel. “My terrible tenant has done a lot, a lot worse.”

Joel “had words” with the disruptive tenant, who didn’t appreciate being told to be a little quieter.

“After our conversation, I was worried about what might happen,” Joel said. “He gave me a look that frankly scared me, but I hoped he would calm down.”

When the rent wasn’t paid on the first of the month, Joel came by the house to check if the tenant was going – only to find the place was empty of all of the tenant’s belongings. (Not the furniture – the place was furnished.)

“When I walked into the suite, the smell of shit hit me like a hammer,” Joel said. “It was an unholy stench. My tenant had strewn feces all over the place. And no, I don’t know if it was human or dog poop. The walls, the floors, the furniture. The place is carpeted so I had to hire a steam cleaner but it didn’t come out so I had to replace all the flooring. Took weeks to clean it as I could only stay inside for an hour at a time. And I couldn’t find a cleaning company that would take the job.

The tenant is also missing – ghost of all of Joel’s messages.

Joel said the tenant was “extremely loud” and this disturbed other tenants. This is the main reason he was telling the tenant to get back in shape.

Under British Columbia’s Residential Tenancy Act (RTA), landlords are obligated to provide peaceful enjoyment to all tenants. As soon as they receive a complaint of inconvenience from a tenant, the landlord must take steps to resolve the problem. For example, a landlord may need to talk to a tenant about noise if it bothers neighboring tenants.

Renters should ensure that they, their guests and their pets do not unduly disturb other occupants.

If there are any disturbances such as unreasonable noise, excessive second-hand smoke, or harassment from a neighboring tenant of the same landlord, the tenant should speak to the landlord.

Other high-profile noise issues occurred in British Columbia in 2021.

Several people complained of “very loud sex noises” from the tenant in a particular dispute in British Columbia; in this case, the tenant was represented by a lawyer. The landlord said that a person living next to the tenant complained about the very loud music as well as “noises from the tenant masturbating – including moans and the sound of the tenant releasing”. At the time, the owner attempted to have the noises corroborated by the building manager, but the incidents occurred outside of their shift.

The neighbor actually kept a diary of “masturbation noises” for several months, but eventually got frustrated and left the building. Following this, the new neighbor stated that he “had heard his neighbor masturbating loudly and ending up near the wall. It got louder and louder as time passed until the day it sounded in three-dimensional, so disgusting “.

The new neighbor moved in on October 1 and said she heard loud, masturbating sounds between 4.30 and 5.30 a.m. until November 16 – “100 [per cent] morning since she moved in. “She added that the neighbor” moans at the end. “

Under the details of the reason for terminating the tenancy, the landlord writes that the tenant is a “confessed sex addict” who has a “long history of disturbing the quiet enjoyment of his neighbors due to excessively strong masturbation, d ‘loud sex acts, and playing loud pornography. “

You can’t make that up.

  • With additional reporting from Elana Shepert, Vancouver is awesome

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