UPUA funds “Advocate Penn State” social media campaign and several student civic engagement events

The 17th Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Student Association reconvened on Wednesday evening for another regular meeting. During the meeting, funding the PSU vote debate, “Who gets the Latino vote?” event, and the publicity of the Penn State lawyer was rewarded.

The assembly meeting began with a training on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) in partnership with the Office of Global Engagement.

Following training and reports from UPUA President Sydney Gibbard and Vice President Carter Gangl, the 17th Assembly held a quick caucus meeting and got into some new business.

new business

Three bills and two UPUA policy changes were introduced this week. The first was Bill #13-17: Funding to Support the PSU Votes Debate.

Bill 13-17 proposes $520 to cover rental costs for Heritage Hall, which held the annual PSU vote debate between Democrats, Republicans and college independents in a bid to educate the student population on voting issues ahead of the upcoming midterm elections in November. . The debate took place on Monday 17 October.

Bill #13-17 passed unanimously.

Next up was Bill 14-17: Funding to Support the “Who Gets the Latino Vote?” Event. The event partnered with the Penn State Latino Caucus to focus on issues facing Latino students and their relationship to voting in the upcoming midterm elections, encouraging civic engagement among these students.

The bill proposes $40 in funding for the coffee that was served at the event, which took place earlier that evening.

Bill #14-17 passed unanimously.

The last bill introduced was Bill 15-17: Funding for Advocate Penn State’s Social Media Awareness Campaign, which will fund prizes for students who subscribe to the Advocate Penn State Campaign. that connects Penn State students with elected officials.

Funded prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, Penn State Student Bookstore Gift Cards and a Penn State Men’s Basketball Season Pass. Additionally, part of the funding is dedicated to printing marketing materials to display in the HUB, at a total cost of $209.

Bill #15-17 passed unanimously.

Policy change #02-17, regarding the UPUA statutes, was also discussed. The policy change proposed redefining external event attendance requirements for representatives and renaming the facilities committee to the campus operations committee. The policy change was adopted unanimously.

The latest new case was Policy Change #03-17, regarding the UPUA constitution. Policy Change #03-17 allows the Election Commission to become more involved in drafting the election code. This policy was also adopted unanimously.

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