Veem presents a suite of products, offering a cost-free end-to-end payment experience for domestic and cross-border transactions

SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Veem, a leading provider of online payment solutions, today announced the launch of a suite of products including Veem Invoicing and Veem Collections to help small businesses Pay and get paid. The new product suite provides an industry-first end-to-end payment solution that enables small businesses to collect and receive local and multi-currency payments from 75 countries.

From invoicing to payment collection, the new offering removes friction from the process by enabling small businesses to create, personalize and send invoices, along with the unique built-in ability to cost-effectively collect all payments from around the world. , including zero-fee payments in domestic markets. On the payer side, the suite of products gives them the choice to pay from several methods, including a bank account, credit card, check or via their Veem Wallet.

“Whether it’s invoicing, collections, payments or cash flow management, small and medium businesses face a multitude of challenges when managing their national and global payment needs,” said Jeff Revoy, Director of Growth at Veem. “That’s why we launched Veem Invoicing and Veem Collections, to provide a single, centralized solution specifically designed to meet the back office needs of small businesses. ”

In addition to its invoicing features, Veem offers seamless accounting integrations with Quickbooks Online (QBO) and Xero for automatic payment tracking and reconciliation, reducing the risk of duplicates or errors. Accounting integrations are easy to configure, including QBO, which is updated in real time directly from a user’s Veem account.

“Over the past few years, my company has relied on Veem to provide us with an all-in-one payment platform to conduct business quickly and transparently,” said Benjamin Bois, CEO and founder of Angora. “There was an empty space in the market for a platform offering free billing and collection offerings, which is why we are excited about the rollout of the new Veem suite. This will greatly facilitate our life and that of other SMEs. we can’t wait to see what else Veem has to offer in the future. “

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About Veem
Veem simplifies the way businesses send and receive money around the world. Recognized by more than 300,000 companies in more than 100 countries, Veem offers a range of payment services to build and strengthen relationships with partners and suppliers. Veem’s secure and traceable transactions, combined with seamless integrations with popular business applications, save businesses time and money, while mitigating the risks typically associated with international money transfers. Veem is licensed and regulated in every country and state it serves.


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