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LETTER: Vehicles should not drive Oak Bay Side Suites Policy

Re: “Off-street parking added to impending secondary suites policy.” It’s quite pathetic when, in the midst of a climate emergency that recently incinerated or flooded half of our province, our elected municipal officials are obsessed with housing and automobile comfort.

Oak Bay’s proposed policy will require landlords to provide on-property parking for a tenant’s car as a condition of having a legal suite. Who could possibly be willing to pave their beautiful garden or backyard for this purpose, and at what cost? How many trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens have to be sacrificed for this useless and inapplicable regime?

It’s a thinly veiled appearance to keep Oak Bay as it is — exclusive, snobby, and affluent — certainly not a neighborhood for low-budget college students, working-class single parents, or people flipping your burgers. Let these people live in Woss.

Oak Bay owes the housing crisis to remove as many barriers as possible for those wishing to rent additional living space.

On the residential street in Oak Bay that I know best, there is a constant flow of pedestrians and cyclists, perhaps on par with the number of cars. It’s nice and quiet. I guess a welcome amenity for many renters would be secure indoor bicycle parking.

The British Columbia Coroners Service reports nearly 600 deaths from extreme temperatures of over 40°C in the heated dome last summer. Any municipality that claims to be taking action on fossil fuel emissions should not bend over backwards for the convenience of passenger cars.

Anne Hansen


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