Wack 100 tried to press 50 Cent at the SLS hotel in Los Angeles and 50 Cent had eight Navy Seals waiting “He looked back and smiled”

Dave Simpson/WireImage

During one of Wack 100’s final appearances on Clubhouse, another 50 Cent story was shared. This time was a time when 50 Cent was in Los Angeles when rapper In Da Club met former G-Unit member Game.

Wack 100 went to squeeze 50 Cent into his Los Angeles hotel room, but things didn’t go as well as Wack thought. “I will never forget the move. This n***50 got us moving, so gangster.

“N***, I think he played with us on purpose. N**** was like yo Wack, 50 gon’ be at the SLS hotel, what? Yeah, the little bar n***, he’ll be on word Piru we passed by this is when it was on N*** we stopped at this SLS hotel come to this mother**** like ten of us I Stop looking around I feel like there’s something wrong with this landscape Man, that dude had about eight navy seals, real man These niggas got the shit up, these niggas move with the tactic,” said Wack 100.

“They saw us and this n*** started moving and positioning itself around him, and this n*** looked back and smiled. We got nowhere with that, see you later mate. He did that on the west coast, he did that. It took a bag, you would have thought it was the President of the United States in that asshole. I looked and they started moving, I’m like n***s***… I’m leading the pack and I got my team and the homies like, I’m like we can’t play with this . I said nigga you gotta know when to hold and when to fold nigga we get out of here.

“These n***armed bodies, these n**** have magazines, look at the mini A&R joints. You know the ones that are as big as your forearms, right? They won’t get in trouble for shooting. N*** we’re going to jail ten times we in Beverly Hills. We think we are going to put on a show with a quarrel and a donkey stump… S*** the n*** looked at us and smiled. I will never forget the smile.”

Speaking of 50 Cent, Yo Gotti recently revealed that 50 advised him to change Cocaine Muzik Group [CMG] to the collective music group.

” I had a [phone] conversation with 50 Cent, and he was like, ‘Yo, you win, but you can’t be Cocaine Muzik Group – it’s too hard. They’re going to be scared of that.” Gotti recalled. “[I] thought like, ‘Damn, he’s right. What else does CMG stand for? It got me into the head to start thinking in that direction.

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