Watch Billie Eilish Hold Back Laughter in SNL Hotel Ad Sketch

Have you ever been on a business trip and had to stay in a shady, run down hotel room for the weekend? Well for their final skit of the evening with the singer / songwriter Billie Eilish, Saturday Night Live humorously takes us through this experience.

Eilish plays Kathlyn the Desk Girl and co-stars SNL veteran Kate mckinnon like Kathreen who is “the same person” as Kathlyn. They begin their announcement by talking about the hotel room which “offers” all the comforts required by law. Small soaps, colorful covers, and stains in the places you need to touch are all covered here. This also includes the video taking us into the hot tub which is always occupied by a creepy boy staring at you and, “he doesn’t come out until you do”.

The commercial then takes us to the most hilarious tragedy in this video which is Concierge Doreen played by Aidy bryant who always has a bad month because no one wants to go and see the caves in the local town. The sketch cuts with humor and humor an intense Doreen begging us to see the cave. She would love to go but unfortunately “can’t afford it”. Her dogs drive her crazy and she was recently bitten by a wild cat that she rescued. With this sympathy card, she begs us once again to “please, for me, please see the caves”.

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The skit then returns to Kathlyn and Kathreen as they continue their publicity by talking about their reviews. “See why Tripadvisor called us ‘the archive photo you can sleep on,” Kathlyn said with Kathreen adding, “And why the news called us’ the place where this man did these things.” That has. makes the audience laugh and that’s when Eilish starts fighting to break up the character because McKinnon’s facial expressions / delivery lines are just too good. Kathlyn of Eilish goes on to say, “We put the hospital into hospitality,” which McKinnon’s Kathreen adds: “Located between the DMV and the Dark Sonic This is the place that will make your Uber driver say,” Are you sure? ”That’s when Eilish breaks character and starts laughing as McKinnon hilariously pushes her back into her character.


Eilish quickly gets back into place and the two take us to the breakfast portion of the experience which includes the presentation of the wet eggs, “cereal in a gumball machine” and yogurt which “is padlocked at 8:59 am”. There is simply “No Mercy” at the Business Garden Inn and Suites and at the Hotel Room Inn.

This brings us to the next part of the ad which features Eilish’s brother Finneas play Trevor the Groom / Valet / Night Manager / In-House Doctor. Finneas’ hilarious and morbid online delivery warns us, “I’m going to drop off your bags.” I’ll scratch your car. I’ll be watching Joe Rogen’s videos on my phone, no headphones. If you are a man I will tell you where the strip clubs are. I’ll offer to buy you some cocaine, then I’ll pass out. I am Chaos.

Finally, we come to the “less the less brilliant” that all their clients can experience at the hotel. This includes all hits like The magic of gathering tournaments, Business conferences, Interventions, links with old people, deprogramming of cults and concealment of the police. They “might not be the Ritz Carlton …” but at least you can “see the cave”.

This funny sketch ended a very pleasant night for SNL and between Eilish struggling to stay in character and McKinnon’s fun line delivery to Bryant desperately trying to sell us a cave, it was one of the most memorable skits of the night. Eilish and McKinnon had such a unique chemistry that charming character breaks made the experience even more fun.

Next week SNL will have their last episode of 2021 with the host Paul Rudd and musical guest Charli xcx and you can watch the full skit of “Hotel Ad” below:


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