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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A new plan is being launched to open a wine bar in one of Sacramento’s most historic buildings.

The nearly century-old Senator Hotel was once a hotbed of entertainment and now it is hoped that it will liven up the city center again.

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Many people who pass by the historic Senator Hotel in Sacramento don’t think about it.

“I walk past every day,” said Brian Malone, who works nearby.

“I don’t know anything about this building; I’ve been there probably a thousand times, ”said Jamie Williams, who supports the wine bar.

Built in 1924, right across from the state capital, the 10-story towers were once a key location for those with power and fame.

“It was a hub for people to connect and do business over a drink or a live show,” historian William Burg said.

Notable names like Buster Keaton and Martin Luther King Jr. have stayed here before and musician Duke Ellington has performed in the nightclub. This is also where President Gerald Ford spent the night before an assassination attempt.

But the rooms were converted into offices decades ago, and the restaurant and club have closed.

Now there’s a new effort to bring some of the animated action back. A request has been made to open a wine bar in the building with service under the arches and columns of the exterior patio.

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The idea has a surge of support.

“I would go to this outdoor wine bar, I would totally go,” Williams said.

“I would defiantly go pick up my friends and stuff,” said Malone.

The proposal, which has yet to be approved by the city. would be operated by the same person who owns the Whired Wine Bar across from the Golden 1 Center.
Some say the new bar could become a new hot spot for lobbyists and lawmakers.

“Right across from the capital looks a bit of business / fun, I think it sounds like fun,” said Grace Theodore, who supports the idea.

“People who work in the state capital want a meeting place [and] a wine bar seems like a natural place to do it ”

And it’s an opportunity for customers to experience a bit of history while they taste and dine.

“Old buildings have new functions. All it takes is a little creativity to say, “hey, this could be a great place for a new idea,” Burg said.

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The proposal will not change any of the historic structural elements of the building. The Sacramento Planning Commission is due to vote on the project this Thursday.

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