Wu joins protests at Marriott Copley hotel, condemns ‘greedy’ company

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu rallied alongside hundreds of union workers to protest the hiring of non-union labor outside the Marriott Copley Hotel on Friday morning, urging picketers to continue to fight a “greedy business”.

It was the second time that Wu had taken part in a workers’ demonstration in front of the hotel. Marriott Copley has been a target of unions since it laid off 230 of its employees in 2020 and told them to reapply for their jobs.

“It’s a shame that we’re back here again at this very place,” Wu told a crowd of hundreds, citing the ongoing pandemic recovery. “Some companies [are] choose to line their pockets, instead of acknowledging this moment in which we find ourselves. Shame on them !

Marriott International Inc. did not immediately respond to questions about its hiring practices at the hotel.

Hundreds of unionized carpenters, electricians, flight attendants and healthcare workers joined the picket line, which blocked the Huntington Avenue entrance to the hotel for hours. Airline employees said they would boycott the hotel, refusing to stay at the Marriott Copley during layovers. Healthcare workers said they were there to show their support for families fighting for wages.

After his speech, Wu walked across Huntington Avenue to join a procession of workers circling the hotel entrance who were ringing bells, whistling and chanting “Boston is union town.”

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